Thursday, September 28, 2006

Trail Mix Recipe

I don't remember ever buying or making trail mix. I've rarely ever even eaten it. So, why I thought I'd like to buy some tonight, I don't know. And, why I decided to buy the ingredients instead and make my own, I don't know either.

I was at Sam's Club, so of course I bought JUMBO-sized bags of ingredients. You KNOW I was hoping I would like this concoction I was about to put together. As it turned out, it's pretty good!

One Layer of unbuttered, popped popcorn
One Layer of cashew halves
One Layer of cranberry raisins (dried cranberries)
One Layer of plain M&Ms
One Layer of uncooked, old-fashioned oat meal

Shake it all together. Put it into snack-sized ziplock bags. Enjoy. :) Repeat as needed.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

How To Avoid Losing Your Lunch

(alternate titles - How to avoid throwing up, How to avoid vomiting, What do to if you feel nauseated, Anti-emesis tips, Things to do that act as anti-emetics)

I realize this is a 'gross' topic, but there are many people in the world who have physical (diseases) or chemical (medication) reasons for feeling nauseated and involuntarily vomiting. For those people, these hints might make a world of difference.

I have a friend who has
Meniere's Disease. She throws up every day, sometimes more than once a day. She gave me a list of hints for people who experience nausea and involuntary vomiting.

This is her advice. She does these things every day:
*ice chips
*ice pack on your head
*small amount of protein
*a little salt
*deep breathing
*keeping a fan on your face, ice on your wrists
*lying down usually makes things worse.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Give Blood

Give blood. Give platelets. Give plasma. Give often.
Give blood. Give platelets. Give plasma. Give often.
Give blood. Give platelets. Give plasma. Give often.
Give freely, and know that you are saving someone’s life.

It’s really not that hard. It only takes a little time. And after you are done, you know you’re gonna feel so fine. Because you’re saving someone’s life with what is yours to give. Now people with burns, and cancer, and trauma and blood disorders can find a way to live, because of you, and what you give.

from “Give Blood” c2006 Deborah L Hord

This post is in honor of my friend
Beth who has Multiple Myeloma. She will be in the hospital for the next three days getting high doses of anti-cancer drugs in preparation for a stem cell harvest in a few weeks (preparing for a stem cell transplant).

You can help with the search to find a cure for MM. Visit Beth’s
Cent’s for Cells website. She hopes to collect one penny for every stem cell harvested. Your gift will help fund research to find cure for this disease.

Thank you for caring.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Peace House Tulsa - Grand Opening September 23, 2006

Peace House Tulsa - grand opening Saturday 23, 2006- I'm singing 130pm - 150pm
Press Release from Peace House Tulsa:

The public is invited to the Grand Opening Celebration of Peace House - Tulsa from 1-8 p.m. Saturday September 23, 2006.

Peace House is Tulsa's newest organization devoted to supporting peace and justice. Located at 306 South Phoenix Avenue, Peace House was established by local nonviolence activists to be an incubator for building a culture of peace through justice.

Children's activities from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm will include folding of peace cranes to remember 12 year old Sadako's efforts to fold 1000 cranes before she died from the effects of radiation from the bombing of Hiroshima; making "pinwheels for peace" as part of the celebration of International Peace Day, September 21st, and just for fun, a space jump ride.

Performers donating their talent for the day: Singer Susan Herndon; Singer/songwriter Terry Aziere; Guitarist Lon Bartlett; Spoken word performer Deborah Hunter; Band Mothers Brothers and Others, Jazz keyboardist Gayle Williamson; Writers in the Round song writers circle and several others.

Former New Orleanians and Katrina survivors Lavelle and Stefanie Cole's new catering business: Cater for You will sell Cajun delicacies from 4 - 8. Vegetarian options will be available.

Peace House Tulsa provides meeting space for Tulsa Peace Fellowship, Pastors for Peace, Poets for Peace, Veterans for Peace. Peace House; holds a library of peace and justice-related titles donated by the Hodge Podge collective; houses the Tulsa Peace Fellowship video library as well as a magazine exchange. Peace House can be reserved for retreats, meetings, musical events and film screenings by contacting the director, Rev. Valerie Mapstone Ackerman at 918-231-2514.

I'll be singing during the first hour. I'll be one of the ones singing children's songs (20 minutes from 130pm - 2pm). You can hear the songs on

Tulsa Peace House is located at 306 South Phoenix.
Peace House Tulsa306 South Phoenix at Charles Page Blvd (3rd Street)Tulsa, OK 74127
directions: go west through downtown Tulsa on 3rd Street. 3rd becomes Charles Page Blvd. Turn left on Phoenix.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What Advice Would You Give to Someone Half Your Age?


Here's a fun advice from a 50 year old to a 25 year old (man) article from the Washington Post.

(I wrote a song on this topic a few months ago. When I get it recorded in a studio, I'll post it on efm.)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'm happy to announce my first digital album.

I'm happy to announce my first digital album.

‘Weird Duck’ (the cd) now available as a digital album September 2, 2006
Digital Albums Deborah Hord

Visit my eFolkMusic mp3 Downloads page to hear some of my songs.
By the name of each song, click PREVIEW to hear the song.

Deborah Hord
Digital Album
“Weird Duck (and other animal tales for grownups)"

Album Genre: Modern Folk

WEIRD DUCK spins real life into fables, fairy tales and folksy stories about ducks, dogs, birds, a snow goose, a donkey, a teddy bear and one tiny unnamed creature. These songs were written for adults, but quite a few are perfect for children, too. {Lyrics and chords are in the liner notes.}

“Weird Duck” “I’m a weird duck. You told me already. You told me you think I am…You’re saying you love me, but you didn’t want me to know.” [2:35] •


“Broken Wing” “I think I have a broken wing. I’ve fallen from the sky. And, I can’t get back up again, no matter how I try … Oh broken wing, my broken wing, you know I’ll treat you gently, because you are a part of me, and what hurts you will hurt me.” [6:26] •

“Shelter From the Storm” “I sleep a single hour, and then I wake up from a dream. I wonder if my life has passed while I have been asleep. I’m startled into wakefulness by images I feel. I close my eyes and slip back to a dream that’s much too real.” [4:52] •

“Duck Soup” “The winds of change blow endlessly, and feed that little fire. And, Mama Duck begins to sweat, and she begins to tire. She lifts her wings and tries to fly, but she has lost her power. Her pond has grown too hot. She knows she’s soup within the hour.” [3:21] •

“Dog Barks” “Come inside little puppy dog now. Come inside you can sleep in the house. You don’t have to protect me tonight. You can sleep, baby it’s alright.” [1:40] •

“Little Snow Goose” “There once was a far away fairytale land where the people lived close to the sky. So far up the mountain that no one could stand without clouds bumping into their eyes. And, all of the children were happy always. And, all of the grownups were, too. They had a good reason for feeling this way. They were loved by the Little Snow Goose.” [4:30] •

“Life Is Like That” “Life is like that. You can’t predict the way tomorrow’s gonna be. Even in you wish upon a star, you wait and see. But, I still like to wish on stars just to remind me of my dreams.” [2:20] •

“Ugly Duckling” “I’ve been the ugly duckling all my life. When will I turn into a swan? The other ducks keep taunting me and telling me that I’m not one of them. I try to be like other ducks, but everyone says I am not the same. I wonder when the other swans will come for me, and I will fly away.” [3:16] •

“We’re All a Part” “We’re all a part of all of life. We’re all a part of love, surrounded by the breath of life that keeps us all alive. We’re all one big community, so different yet the same. We’re part of one big family, just called by different names.” [3:46] •

“Needy Dog” “Every one of us knows the feeling. Everyone has been on both sides. Sometimes you’re the one brushing someone off. Sometimes you’re the one who cries. Every one is that lonely, needy dog. Everyone of us understands. Every one of us needs some personal time, so our lives don’t get out of hand. [4:01] •

“Ducks Don’t Cry” “I’ve heard that ducks don’t cry, and no one’s ever seen duck tears. But, that’s because they fly away. So, no one’s seen them cry in years … How do you know that ducks don’t cry? They always fly away. They go to some place friendlier. Then, they come back some day.” [3:13] •

“Donkey Song” “There once was a donkey who fell in a well. He couldn’t climb out, so he cried out for help … The donkey was startled when dirt hit his back. He’d always been loyal, and now they attacked … The lesson my brothers and sisters is this: When life shovels dirt on you, always resist. You don’t have to die even when you are hurt. Sometimes the best gifts are the shovels of dirt.” [4:45] •

“Teddy Bear” “Teddy bear, I don’t care what they say about me. You’re my friend ’till the end. There’s no need to doubt me.” [1:49] •