Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Stained Glass Design

Do you like beautifully crafted, original stained glass designs? If so, I’d like to direct you to Stained Glass Design, David Hoot’s new website. Soon, you can find photos of his work at .

[UPDATE: FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 8, 2006] Tonight I had the pleasure of attending David L. Hoot's showing of his Original Stained Glass Designs at CLUB 209. CLUB 209 "Smoke Free Martini Lounge" is Tulsa's only smoke-free bar, located at the corner of Brady and Boulder (just east of the Brady Theatre). David Hoot's stained glass creations are designed and created by David Hoot of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

“I Smile Again So You Won’t See Me Cry”

“I Smile Again So You Won’t See Me Cry” has been in the ‘purchase this download’ category on my page at Today, I’ve listed it as a complimentary download. Free MP3 Folk Music Download.

I’ll leave “I Smile Again So You Won’t See Me Cry” listed as a
free mp3 download for a few weeks. Please take the opportunity to listen to it, play along or sing along, and download it if you’d like. (The other two songs currently listed as free downloads are Teddy Bear and Life Is Like That.)

I’ve updated my eFolkMusic profile, too.
Here’s what it says:

About the artist:Writing folk songs with a personal touch, Deborah Hord brings her own perspective to folk music. She loves to hear a good story and incorporates storytelling into her songs. Listen, laugh, cry, identify, and download if you’d like to hear these songs again. Email contact: